We understand that closures can be disruptive, and we want to assure you that we take this decision very seriously. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff. However, as an outdoor pool, there are unique circumstances and challenges that require us to close for the safety of patrons and staff not faced by our indoor neighbors. The main factors we would close for are environmental factors such as smoke, steam, thunder and lightning, and ice. Further, we strive to communicate closures as early as possible to minimize disruption. We will use multiple channels, such as signage, website updates, social media posts, and direct communication with impacted individuals or groups, to ensure everyone is informed promptly. The best way to stay up to date will be our Facebook.



During wildfire season which begins in early July and typically ends in October, the air can become unhealthy to breathe. If the AQI (Air quality Index) measured at the nearest station is between 101-150 we will post a notice at the faculty of the current level and advise patrons of the level so they can make a decision on whether it is safe to be outside or not. Young children and those with existing breathing problems are advised to stay indoors. If the level reads 151 or above the facility will close until the level falls to 150 or below.

Staff will check weather reports and as necessary will post if we believe the closure will extend over several swimming sessions.


In the winter ice can pose a challenge to both getting to the facility and moving within the facility itself. If the temperature is below 25 degrees, the pool will be closed.  If the temperature is above 25, the closure will be dependent on driving conditions as well as the conditions of the facility such as the pool deck and parking lot. These determinations will be made as early as possible, and updates will be posted via our website and Facebook.



Low temperatures can also pose challenges to the visibility of the pool deck especially at night due to the creation of steam. During cold snaps with little wind when the risk of steam being formed and staying over the pool is highest we will first station guards or coaches around the pool to ensure continuous coverage of all areas. We will also take measures to mitigate the creation of steam, such as asking patrons to swim in such a way that does not churn up as much water or taking rests to let the steam dissipate. In the event that we cannot see all parts of the pool and deck then the pool will be cleared and swimming will stop. It is critical to patron safety that staff can do an accurate head count at any time.


Thunder and Lighting

If thunder or lightning is heard the pool must be cleared and remain clear for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lighting. Staff will monitor the weather apps to help track potential weather disturbances. If it seems a storm will last for a while notifications will be made on our website as well as over Facebook. In the event that this impacts our lessons or other paid programs alternative makeup day will be offered. If we are unable to offer makeup days then a refund will be offered.


We understand that closures can be inconvenient, but we hope you appreciate our commitment to prioritizing the safety of everyone involved. We will continue to review and update our closure policy as needed to ensure it remains effective and aligns with our values. We encourage open communication from both patrons and staff. If you have any concerns about safety during a closure, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.